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STARS Program

Using Technology to Participate in Life

Social / Technology/ Aphasia / Return to life / Speech

The Danniella Muheim STARS Technology Program provides hands-on training and support for people with aphasia and their families in the use of technology in a fun and social environment.  Technology may be used to augment communication, for home practice, for connecting with friends and family, or to return to work and life!

The STARS Technology Program has three components:


  • Just You and Me
    Individualized sessions with our STARS coordinator to help you and your family decide what technology is right for you.  Talk to our coordinator about scheduling one or more sessions to learn about your options by emailing: info@vohaphasia.org or calling 727.249.1953
  • The Workshop
    Our group learning and technology sharing sessions are facilitated by a trained professional. Learn more about how to use technology and improve communication in real-life situations in these friendly group sessions.
  • Group Outings
    Bring your new skills and all your hard work out into the world where you really want to be! Use your technology supports in a planned community outing with other members and our team!

To register and for more information, call 727.249.1953 or email us at info@vohaphasia.org

About Danniella Muheim

Danniella Muheim was an accomplished and brilliant engineer who worked at NASA on the James Webb Space Telescope team. Dannie suffered a stroke in 2012 at the age of 46. She returned to part-time work at NASA in 2014 and was an active member of Voices of Hope for Aphasia.

Dannie was passionate about educating people about aphasia, and supporting and inspiring people with aphasia to return to life! Dannie passed away in 2015 but left a generous bequest to Voices of Hope for Aphasia. We hope to honor her with this initiative!