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Experience what it might be like to have aphasia!

The Aphasia Simulation developed by former Voices of Hope for Aphasia Executive Director, Dr. Jackie Hinckley, and Keen Research, are intended to provide a different perspective on the issues encountered by a person with a language disorder. With this perspective comes, perhaps, greater understanding and empathy.

Aphasia Simulations module was developed as a collaboration project between Dr. Jacqueline Hinckley and Keen Research. Dr. Hinckley is currently a professor at Nova Southeastern University and Executive Director Emeritus of Voices of Hope for Aphasia. Keen Research develops software development kits for on-device speech recognition for mobile devices. In the past, when Aphasia Simulations were developed, Keen Research had experimented with various online services focused on helping with speech rehabilitation of people with aphasia.


Aphasia Simulations was adapted for use in the Voices of Hope for Aphasia website by University of Florida chapter of the Association for Information Systems.