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Mason Gehring, an Artist in Healthcare Professional and frequent guest in our Living! with Aphasia program, recently published an article in collaboration with Brooke Oliver, Jackie Hinckley, and Debbie Yones. The article, which talked about using art a a way for people with aphasia to express themselves, was published in the Alternative and Complementary Therapies journal, Volume 27, No. 3.

Art with the outline of a skull with an explosion of lines and a thought bubble depicting what it feels like to have aphasia

Ms. Gehring led the Voices of Hope for Aphasia group in a “What my aphasia feels like” activity. Participants were encouraged to depict what it felt like to have aphasia.

Mason Gehring, MA, is an art instructor at The Dunedin Fine Art Center and NOMAD Art Bus. She is passionate about creating engaging arts for wellness programming for all ages and finding new ways to incorporate it in daily self- care.

To find out more about our Living! with Aphasia program or our art sessions, contact us! 727.249.1953 or info@vohaphasia.org

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