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Aphasia is a language disorder.
A person with aphasia may have difficulty
speaking, understanding, reading, and writing
due to stroke or other brain injury.

Learn about aphasia directly from our Founder, Mike Caputo, who has Broca’s Aphasia.

People with aphasia still understand the world, but they have problems with language. Imagine suddenly finding yourself in a country where you don’t know the language. You can look around and see that there are families and friends, restaurants, stores, mailmen…all the regular activities of life are understandable. But you don’t always understand what other people are saying and you can’t say what you’d like to say. You may have difficulty reading the street signs or newspapers, and writing is also difficult.

What is it like to have aphasia? Find out here.

People with aphasia often feel like they are all alone, but there are nearly 2 million people in the United States who are living with aphasia. Voices of Hope for Aphasia provides programs where people with aphasia, their families, and friends can meet others and get back to doing the things that they enjoy with a little communication help. Do you know someone with aphasia?

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