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The fabulous speech-language pathologists at Voices of Hope for Aphasia are creating some innovative and fun online activities to continue to engage our members during the COVID-19 shutdown. Take a look at what they are doing! You can even download some of our materials and use them with your groups!

Brooke Owen has been running an online Bingo group! The themes have been TV Show Bingo, Music Bingo, Show Tunes Bingo, and more! She creates the bingo game online so it can be played online or on paper! To view a section of competitive Music Bingo, click here!

Click here to download the TV Show Bingo cards or the Music Bingo cards.

Click here to download the TV Show Bingo Cards or the Music Bingo cards.

Lauren Hoadley has been planning Scavenger Hunts to do from home. This gives everyone an opportunity to find unique and personal things in their own homes to share with the group.

Click here to download the At Home Scavenger Hunt

Mia Fox has been leading a Time Travel conversation group! Our members have traveled back in time to the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. We reminisce about music, major events, fashion, cars, and more!

Click here to download the 1970s Time Travel Presentation

Our Aphasia Shark Tank group was featured on our local ABC News Morning Show! Our members also participate in Trivia, Family Game Night, Aphasia Presentations delivered by our own members, Voices of Hope in Motion – our exercise group, and more! Email us to learn more about our groups!

We love to hear from other aphasia centers around the country! What are you doing that is fun!? Are your materials available for us to use with our members?? Let’s collaborate! Email us or comment below!